Coming June 29th, 12 noon Central

All of the brushes with handles turned from Vesuvius in this release bear a special engraving on the backside that is a representation of Mount Vesuvius (which famously erupted in 79 AD*) drawn by Cody’s wife Courtney.

By present count there will be 12 x 28 mm Vesuvius PK-47's.

Brushes will go live and populate this page at 12 noon Central. We recommend visiting this page shortly before the release time and then refresh your screen repeatedly until the photos populate the page and reveal the brushes and Add to Cart buttons.

As usual per Shopify’s standard practice (which we aren’t able to modify), there will be no reservation of a selected brush either in a Cart or during checkout prior to payment.

This will be different than any release we’ve done before. We hope it works out well.

Click the link below for a release preview:
Release Preview
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