Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

Happy New Year to all!

2016 was a highly productive year for us in many respects, but we didn't have much time to work on new handle designs. We're determined to get back to that in 2017, and I also plan to do more substantive posting here.

Between Christmas and New Year's Day, we managed to turn out final prototypes of two new handles, one a beehive-style and the other an appreciative derivative of an old, Simpson family-era M8 (with equally venerable US Rubberset antecedents) that I picked up from a seller in Wichita, KS of all places.  

We expect to introduce brushes made with these handles ( as well as at least one or two others presently in the works) fairly soon. Given our limited production capacity and the fact we usually make handles in small batches of two to four dozen, stirring in new styles will affect the rate at which we cycle back around to make more of the earlier ones (e.g., Chief, PK-47, etc.). We're set to do our first release of this year tonight. There will be a good number of PK-47s in this one and probably the next, but then it might be a while before many more show up. This simply reflects the way we work, not any purpose to game supply.

Thanks to everyone who followed us and bought a brush (or tried to buy one) last year. We hope you'll stay with us. Thanks especially to those who have supported us on the boards and in various social media, or simply recommended us by word of mouth to a friend or family member. We appreciate that there is some sacrifice of a patron's self-interest involved in broadening awareness of Paladin Shaving and thereby contributing to demand for brushes that have been in frustratingly short supply. 

Stay tuned.


Nathan :

Great message. As someone who struck out a few times last year on your brush releases, I stuck with you guys. I love how you guys chose the name Paladin and the meaning behind it. I love that you’re a family owned business, and your quality and craftsmanship shows in your dedication to all things wet shaving. Well, my patience paid off. As of tonight, I’m a proud owner of a Briar PK47. Couldn’t be happier.

Nest up is a faux tortoise and a Purple haze chief and fallstaff, respectively. Cheers to 2017!

Jan 06, 2017

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