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2021 Paladin Halloween Event Page

Please read all of this carefully before placing an order!

Paladin’s Fifth Annual Halloween Event is being conducted on a pre-order basis. Handle styles and sizes include 26 mm and 28 mm Falstaffs (i.e., Dark Holler Jacks), 26 mm and 28 mm PK-47s, 28 mm Atlases, and 28 mm Lucifers (a new Lotus/Sherlock derivative we haven’t named yet). As usual, the 2021 Dark Holler Jack is a little different than those from past years. We’re bringing back the Dancing Skeleton and Undead Atlas, and there are also two entirely new engravings. Each handle style/size combination is available in Dark Holler Butterscotch, Ebony, and Alternative Ivory. Either a polished or satin finish may be selected for all three materials. A choice between red and yellow is available for all Ebony handles. And we’re offering three knot types, including two Select Badgers and our recently introduced 2-band synthetic. All knots will be semi-bulbs.

These brushes will be made to order, and there are too many potential combinations for us to make and post photos of all of them. Each style/size/engraving combination is represented below with a group photo showing examples in all three materials (both front and back for the Dark Holler Jacks). Drop-down menus including all the corresponding choices can be found under each of them. We made the decision to offer red after taking the photos, so red is not represented; however, an example of the Lucifer engraving painted in red appears below.

If you decide to order a brush, please make your selection carefully. Changing orders will be difficult and become impossible after we start working on them.

We haven’t set an exact limit on overall orders, but we will monitor them and remove options (e.g., knot choices) if/when availability is exhausted. We’ll also assess progress and exercise our best judgment regarding the number of brushes we can make and ship on a timely basis. We intend to start posting brushes in the second week of October and aim to have all orders out the door and on their way via USPS Priority Mail by October 24th. That won’t give us much flexibility in terms of leaving the window open. So, take the time you need but please don’t put off placing your order if you want one of these brushes.


1.) Once again, these brushes haven't been made yet. Production starts with turning handles in our shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. The handles are then delivered to Cody in Clark, CO, where he hand-finishes, laser-engraves, and hand-paints them. After that they go back to Fort Collins for knots and order fulfillment. We hope to have all of these brushes made and shipped by Saturday, October 24 (i.e., seven days before Halloween), but we’re not in control of everything that can bear on that happening. If we encounter any significant delay, we’ll communicate promptly with customers holding affected orders.

2.) Given the nature of this offering, pre-orders will require a full up-front payment in full and will not be cancellable.

3.) Pre-ordered brushes will not be returnable for a refund except by reason of a defect in material or workmanship.

4.) All pre-orders submitted pursuant to this process will be subject to availability of knots and handle material. We may have to cancel and refund orders if they accumulate to exceed existing inventory or production capacity. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet worked out a way to automatically discontinue acceptance of orders when one among several limits has been exceeded.

5.) The pre-order process, these instructions, and the pre-order form will be subject to change. So, please review this page whenever you return to it before submitting a new order.

6.) Only 2CLNK7, 2CLNF8 and B3 Synthetic semi-bulb knots are being offered for pre-ordered brushes at that this time. The materials currently available for selection are listed in drop-down menus under the photos below.

How to Order:

1.) Locate the handle style, size, and engraving you would like below.

2.) In the drop-down menu, carefully select the material/finish/paint-color variant you want and click add to cart.

3.) After you’ve made your selection, continue to checkout, where you will be prompted to submit the required pre-payment in full. Be sure to use an active email account.

4.) Upon acceptance of your order and receipt of payment you should receive a confirmation from Shopify via email. If you don’t, or if any of the order details don’t conform to your expectations, let us know immediately by using the contact form linked below.

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