Many messages we receive via this page are requests be be placed on our list. We do not maintain a waiting list and have suspended sending out email updates. Instead, we post notices and updates in the Paladin News blog on this site, on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and on Badger & Blade in our Vendor's Store and on The Shave Nook in the Vendors News forum.

We produce shaving brushes on a relatively small scale and offer them exclusively here in our online store as they are made ready for release.

We appreciate the interest and tremendous support we've received, and we're sorry that trying to obtain one of our brushes has turned out to be an exercise in frustration and disappointment for many, so far. We're working to increase our production, but we do not aim to make brushes on a scale that would detract from the time and effort we put into each of them or otherwise compromise the quality we strive to achieve. 

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