Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

Introducing the Paladin Buckaroo

The Paladin® Buckaroo™ shaving brush handle integrates the upper geometry of our Lotus™ design with stylistic elements novelly adapted from our Buck Rogers™. We created a preliminary CAD drawing for the Buckaroo in early 2019 but didn’t make a prototype of it then. Instead, we stuck to the drawing board and explored...

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September 28 Release

We’re lined out to do a split release of new brushes on Saturday, September 28. The first drop, comprising 10 Phantasia Big Chiefs (30 mm), is set for 12 Noon Central time. The second installment will be released a half hour later at 12:30 PM Central. We’ll all be in...

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August 18 Release

We closed on the sale of our former home in Overland Park, Kansas on Friday 8/9 as planned, then spent a few days in Fort Collins, CO, where we'll make our new home as soon as we find it. Having outrun tornadoes in Eastern Colorado on the return trip, we're now...

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