Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

We’re pleased to introduce five new Paladin™ shaving soaps along with an unscented aftershave balm. Each of the soaps possesses a unique fragrance that was selected after several cycles of formulation, sample development, evaluation, discussion, and refinement. We aren’t soap-makers, but we were deeply involved in the process of creating these products. And we ended up with exactly what we set out to get.

The minimalist descriptions we've provided for the soaps reflect our appreciation that sense of smell is highly subjective. And, truth be told, although we can easily identify and distinguish what we like (or don’t like), we’re a little challenged when it comes to parsing the so-called notes of a fragrance. The maker offered expanded descriptions, which were quite impressive, but we’ve decided in this case that less is more, at least at the start.

As for the practical characteristics of these soaps, in hardness they fall somewhere between croaps and hard (e.g. triple-milled) varieties. Different users' experience with just about any soap will vary based on many factors. What we can confidently say is that in our use all five of the Paladin shaving soaps have consistently produced lather that combined exceptionally good cushion and slickness. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be offering them.

We were told we needed to come up with a naming theme, to which our knee-jerk response was “no, we don’t.” But we ultimately did anyhow. Thus begins the Road Series of Paladin shaving soaps. It’s damn hard, if not impossible, to achieve the goal of a great shave without laying proper foundation. Lather provides the protective and lubricating surface upon which a blade travels. That is to say, it paves the way. And then there is the sense in which traditional wet-shaving, in itself, can become a path of sorts. It certainly has for us.

We hope you'll try our soaps and enjoy the quality of experience with them we've had.
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