Paladin Proof of Concept: Fordite

Fordite came onto our radar in July-August 2014 when Cody found some examples while doing research aimed at identifying materials we could possibly use to make novel brush handles. But we didn’t turn up any sources of Fordite at the time; Ebonite captured our attention; and then Lee Sabini proposed...

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Introducing the Paladin Atlas, Zephyr, Moby, and Oscar

We plan to ring in the New Year with a small release showcasing four new handle designs we developed over the course of a week or two this past summer but didn’t advance beyond prototyping until early December. Although each of the four designs has its own distinctive character, they...

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Ebonite Redux

It's one thing to milk a brand, something else to create and build one. We innovate: Tradition on the Cutting Edge.            

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