Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

We plan to ring in the New Year with a small release showcasing four new handle designs we developed over the course of a week or two this past summer but didn’t advance beyond prototyping until early December. Although each of the four designs has its own distinctive character, they all share a common origin. 

Release-time is set for 10:00 PM Central (i.e., Kansas City time), December 31. Photos of the brushes to be included can previewed here. Please note that all of these brushes are associated with a new Knot Code (2CLNL5), which can be found here (scroll to the bottom of the table).

The Paladin™ Atlas™ handle-design (at left in the photo above) is based closely on a Kent V10 in our collection of vintage shaving brushes. We did not undertake in that project to explore modifications for the sake of enhancement; our objective was simply to resurrect an abandoned handle-style that we’ve long admired. The only minor changes we purposely made were to 1) extend the top and bottom sections each by about 0.5 mm in height (i.e., 1.0 mm total) and 2) add a slight chamfer to the bottom edge. Otherwise, the 28 mm Paladin Atlas is scaled 1:1 with our example of the V10.

The Paladin Zephyr™ handle-design (second from left above) was derived directly (and very simply) from the Atlas. As simple and obvious as it seemed to be, however, we haven’t seen a closely similar handle design that pre-dates our Zephyr.

The Paladin Moby™ handle-design (third from left above) was derived directly from the Zephyr without reference to any other handle. That said, the Moby clearly suggests the venerable Jar motif (e.g., Simpson’s Persian Jar).

The Paladin Oscar™ handle design (at right in the photo above) was derived directly from the Moby (by addition of a ring) without reference to any other handle. Nevertheless, our Oscar bears obvious resemblance to antecedents harking back to the Victorian era.

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