Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

Our next release is set for 8:00 PM Central on Wednesday, August 2. The 26 brushes we currently have slated to offer may be previewed in our flickr gallery here. We had planned on 30 but pulled four in order to re-shoot the photos. Please review the notes corresponding to our knot codes posted here before purchasing a brush. Also, please read this post (Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes) if you haven't already. And here's a great video.

What follows is repetition of previously posted discussion related to how the shop works. 

Note that each brush we offer for sale is unique and corresponds to a unique serial number, which appears below and to the left of a brush's enlarged image (and just above its style-name and socket size) in the flickr gallery. At present, we only include front photos in the previews. Back photos are added in the shop when brushes are released.

The Paladin Shaving Brush Shop, linked here, is hosted by Shopify. Prior to this past May, the Shopify purchasing process included a feature that was supposed to reserve a brush for five minutes to the first customer who carried it into the check-out area. Shopify has eliminated that feature due to attacks by bots that exploited it. Consequently, there is no longer any operative reservation offered by Shopify (either in the cart or check-out) prior to submission of payment. 

When you purchase a Paladin shaving brush, the brush you see (i.e., the one shown in the front and back photos corresponding to its serial number) should be the brush you get. However, when you initially select a brush variant (i.e., style, size, material combination) to browse, there may be one or more examples of that variant available, and the photo representing that variant might not be one of them. When you click on the representative image of a particular variant, you should be carried to a window that 1) shows one brush matching that variant (which might not at that time still remain available for purchase) and 2) also includes a drop-down menu listing all available brushes (if there are any) of the same variant.

To see photos and knot specifications of a particular brush (e.g., one you've targeted based on a preview), you might have to use the drop-down menu. For example, if your first choice would be the 26 mm Butterscotch Sherlock corresponding to 046BT-008-G17, and you've drilled down to that variant (i.e., 26 mm, Butterscotch Sherlocks) in the shop, look for "008" in the drop-down menu. If it's not there, it's already sold. And, unfortunately, even if it is there, it could possibly turn out to be sold. There is, unavoidably, a bit of lag in the Shopify system. Refreshing helps, but it doesn't entirely eliminate the lag.

We're painfully aware that all of this can be confusing, and that trying to buy a brush in one our releases can produce anxiety and frustration, often leading only to disappointment. Those certainly are not our objectives. But the way it works is the best we can do for now. We're committed to making it better when and as we can within the bounds of our resources. One thing we can and will do is create a page with screens-shots that better explains how we understand the shop to work. That's been on our list for quite a while. It still is. Time is always short.

We deeply appreciate the patience and support of all who have stuck with us.

Thank you!

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