Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

Our next release is set for 8:00 PM Central on Thursday, June 15. The 44 brushes we currently have slated to offer may be previewed here. Please review the notes corresponding to our knot codes posted here before purchasing a brush.

Note that there are three new brushes in this offering: a 28 mm Buck Rogers (height approx. 54.6 m; diameter approx. 40.7 mm), a 26 mm Sumo (height approx. 55.3 mm; diameter approx. 42.3 mm), and the all new 26 mm Cleo (height approx. 60 mm; diameter approx. 39.8 mm). These won't appear in our shop until the release goes live. The Cleo has Cleopatra's cartouche engraved on the backside instead of the usual stuff (see below).  

We'll stand down for about three weeks after posting whatever brushes sell through this Friday (June 16). We plan to be back on track by the second week of July and do two to four releases per month after that. 

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