Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

We're still set for a release at 8:00 PM on Wednesday, March 15. If you haven't done so already, please read the previous post for information related to the recently (at least on our part) discovered failure of Shopify to provide time-limited reservation of items that first reach check-out. The net take-away for now is that there is no reliable period of protection, and so the way check-out works is the first to effectively submit payment to PayPal for a brush gets that brush. This is not what we had been given to understand, we're not at all satisfied, and we're working with Shopify to resolve the issue. But we don't know how long that might take. We apologize to our customers for the frustration, stress, and disappointment that can attend pursuit of a brush in a release. Unfortunately, at present we can't offer a better alternative. We won't give up on it, though.

Below are approximate measurements and back-side photos showing names (excepting the Beehive, which bears engraving of a bee instead) of the six new handle styles to be introduced in this release. 

Height 48.7 mm
Max. OD 42.7 

El Dorado
Height 58.8 mm
Max. OD 39.7

Buck Rogers
Height 50.6 mm
Max OD 38.2 mm

Height 48 mm
Max. OD 42.3

Height 58 mm
Max. OD 39 mm 

Height 49.2 mm
Max. OD 39 mm

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