We have modified the pop-up message that should appear when a brush is placed in a cart in the Paladin shop. It now states: Due to recent changes implemented by Shopify, the brush you have added to your cart may only be reserved in your name (pending completion of the transaction) for five minutes from the time you submit payment to PayPal.

Previously, reservation began upon being first to carry a brush into the check-out area. We understand that the new system can result in frustration, lost opportunity, and disappointment. This is not what we want! We are working with Shopify in the hope of restoring effective reservation in check-out.

For anyone who might be interested, below (in italics) is an excerpt from an email we received in explanation of the change.

I did some research to find out why the reservation feature had changed so that I was able to give you an explanation. I understand this may not change the issue you are facing, but I wanted to give you an explanation of why it had to be changed.

Previously, stores would have held items on reserve for 5 minutes when a customer moved to the checkout area. But in doing that, many stores were experiencing bots coming into the store and saving the items so that real customers could not buy merchandise. The issue of the bots abusing the system became far too great. To give more real customers the chance to make purchases, the reservation process was changed so that the item is not confirmed for the customer until the checkout is completed. The reservation method cannot be changed back.

Sylvia has put in a feature request to our development team regarding this change. I have also gone one step further, and sent the request to my higher-level support team and they have also passed the request to see if that previous hold reservation can be added in the future. While I can't guarantee that it will be added, I want to pass that along and do all that I can for you.

Again, I can understand that this is frustrating to how your store is run and wish that I could do more. But I at least wanted to give you some more information about what prompted the change to the feature.

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