We're targeting approximately 2:00 PM CST tomorrow (Sunday, November 6) for this next release, which will include about 80 brushes. Sometimes we have to make last minute adjustments that affect the final count.

Note that Daylight Savings Time here ends at 2:00 AM tomorrow morning (i.e., between this posting and the release), so 2:00 AM will instantly vanish and become 1:00 AM. Consequently, anyone now operating under DST who doesn't change his/her clock will be living one hour in the future, which might be expected to result in confusion. Got that?

If there is a material change in our plan, I'll post notice in the usual places (here, Facebook, Twitter, B&B, TSN, and DFS). And it would generally be better to ask any questions with regard to the release in one of those places rather than by email. 

Cody will try to upload front-side photos of the brushes intended for inclusion in this release either tonight or early tomorrow morning. (He's out trail-building right now.) I'll share the link (again in the usual places) as soon as I have it. Remember there will remain a possibility of last minute adjustments. 

As mentioned previously, this will be the first Paladin release conducted from dual sites. I don't anticipate any snags, but please be patient if we encounter and have to work through some. 

And remember, there will always be another brush.

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