We launched and began offering brushes for sale exclusively from our online shop on March 22, 2016. At that time, there were 440 names and email addresses on the customer list we started building (based solely on requests) shortly after first introducing Dark Holler Design Works and Paladin® shaving...

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In the works

Happy New Year to all! 2016 was a highly productive year for us in many respects, but we didn't have much time to work on new handle designs. We're determined to get back to that in 2017, and I also plan to do more substantive posting here. Between Christmas and New Year's...

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Inaugural post

Welcome to the Paladin Shaving™ website! It's been a long time coming. We give heartfelt thanks for the continuing interest and support of all who have (more or less) patiently waited for us to get it together. The fact is we’re still not quite there yet, but this is definitely a big step....

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