Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

We haven’t done a brush release with advance notice and a Flickr preview since August 2. More or less on impulse over this past weekend, we decided to do one tomorrow. I really don’t know why; it just seems fitting.

The new brushes can be previewed here. The release is set for 8:00 PM Central on Tuesday, December 19.

We’re dedicating this release to the memory of Hank, the Dark Holler Shop Dog (July 9, 2002 – December 17, 2017). No canine ever had more heart. He was fearless, utterly devoted to family, and unwavering in his commitment to the Border Terrier concept of duty. He will be sorely missed.

Keeping an eye on the perimeter

μολὼν λαβέ


Christopher Kavanaugh:

I met this fey girl named Dierdre from Scotland in Santa Cruz travelling the world and newly arrived from a year in India. We were drinking Islay single malt in a redwood treehouse watching the supermoon talking about bonds in life. She said we are stuck for better or worse with family, friends can be ephemeral and fickle, but animals a ‘child of the heart.’ Pyewacket’s buried just opposite the wall I am typing from but still in mine as Hank remains in yours.

Dec 18, 2017


Very sorry for your loss, Ken.

Dec 18, 2017

Rebecca :

May you rest peacefully Hank. You were loved and are missed by many!

Dec 18, 2017

Joe Gillette:

So sorry to hear of Hank’s passing. It’s a sad day when a beloved animal passes on.

Dec 18, 2017

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