First, apologies to all whom I owe replies to emails, PMs, etc. I largely took a break from non-essential use of my computer following the last release up until yesterday. Once I get this posted I’ll start to work on catching up correspondence.

We plan to release about 35 brushes at 8:00 PM Central on Tuesday, January 23. They can be previewed here. Please take care to note the various Knot Codes represented in this release (see Knot Notes). We’ve run very, very low on knots. Consequently, we’re now tapping into reserves held either for lean times such as this (the 2CM2L3s and 2CSLD4s) or simply as representative samples (a pair each of 2CSNL2s and 2CLND3s).

New knots are in the works, but we don’t expect to have them for another 2-3 weeks.   

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