Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

We've set our next release for Thursday, March 2 at 8:00 PM Central. That will be 6:00 PM on the West Coast and 9:00 PM on the East Coast. The 30+ brushes to be included may be previewed here.

We need to get a How to Buy a Paladin Shaving Brush article written and posted on the site somewhere, but it hasn't happened yet. So once again, for those who haven't already participated in one of our releases or could use a refresher, it might be worthwhile to review relevant discussion in this post.

Please note that for every collection (i.e., combination of design, material, and size) there will be a drop-down menu indicating individual brushes available for selection/purchase. Note also that there is some unavoidable lag in the Shopify system. Consequently, frequent refreshing is helpful but not a guarantee that a brush listed as in-stock and appearing in the drop-down menu will still be purchasable if/when you try to take it to check-out. Finally, note that placing a brush in your cart will not protect it from someone else carrying it to check-out, which is where protection (for five minutes) begins for whoever gets there first.

The system is imperfect, especially in our present circumstances of demand exceeding limited production capacity. But it's the best we can do, at least for now. We're sorry for the anxiety, frustration, and disappointment many of our customers have experienced. 

Stay tuned. You can also follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook for announcements/updates, and we post notices in the appropriate places on B&B, TSN, and DFS (you'll probably have to navigate to the last page of the linked thread on these sites to find most recent posts).

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