Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

We plan to do a release of about 80 brushes sometime during this coming weekend (November 5-6). Five Paladin shaving soaps and a balm will also be included. This is a trial release of the soaps and balm, so inventories are limited. We’ll place a re-stocking order as soon we have an early read-out on customer response.

We should have another 40 brushes ready to release by the weekend of November 11-12, and we hope to maintain a fairly steady flow of new brushes after that, although knot supply, machine-maintenance issues, travel, a wedding, an expected first grandchild (not related to the wedding), and other factors will inevitably continue to affect production from time to time.

Forty brushes being released 3-4 times per month might sound like a lot, but considering those will be spread across six styles, three sizes, and 14+ materials (not counting Ebonite), there probably aren’t going to be very many of any combination available at any time. We haven’t worked it out yet, but I’d guess it will take several months for us to complete a cycle. Also, we plan to introduce new styles, which will lengthen production cycles.

We’ve decided to take the site down in advance of releases so we can put all available brushes on the shelf before re-opening the doors (rather than uploading them one at a time as we’ve done in the past).

We’re not sure whether we’ll continue to post photos of brushes in advance of releases. Doing that takes time away from making brushes. The fact remains there are only three of us doing everything.

Stay tuned for further details to include target release date and time. As usual, we’ll post alerts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thanks to all for the kind patience.



First congratulations and thank you for the heads up, hopefully I will finally have the opportunity to snag one. Hope you and yours are in good spirits, take care.

Nov 06, 2016

Steven Toushin :

Congratulations and the best of health to your family

Nov 03, 2016


Thanks for the heads up!

Oct 31, 2016

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