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We recently received a query via the contact form on this site with regard the upcoming release and our policy on multiple brush purchases. I recognized the name and email address as matching to an individual who has been re-selling Paladin shaving brushes on eBay at prices considerably higher than those we ask. My reply is pasted in below.

We do not have a policy to limit purchases on our website to one brush; however, we regard with disfavor buyers who have taken advantage of our limited production by racing to purchase brushes from releases with an intent to re-offer them on eBay or elsewhere at large mark-ups. We believe in free-markets, but that's entirely beside my point.

We have maintained pricing at the same levels since last year, not because we're already living high-on-the-hog and don't care about improving returns on the time and money we put into making Paladin shaving brushes, but rather out of consideration for hopeful customers who have been waiting a long time to buy one. 

It might look good for us when brushes we've made are being re-sold at very high prices, but it's not in keeping with our purpose and mission. In the future, if we identify transactions made by individuals who have been scalping at the expense of wet-shavers who want a Paladin shaving brush for personal use, we may cancel those transactions and issue refunds. I have discussed this with PayPal and confirmed its support.

I hope you will understand and respect our point of view in this.


Matt Manzano:

I applaud Ken and Cody for their stance on this issue. Anyone that would try and sell one of these brushes for a dishonest amount should be banned from purchasing them. Who would want to do business with someone like that, anyway? Certainly not me.

Nov 04, 2016

Raj Kalra:

Keep up the good work Ken !!!

Nov 04, 2016


Scalpers really get my blood boiling! Thanks for looking out for your customers both in regards to pricing and kicking the scoundrels.

Nov 03, 2016

Timothy Burke:

Well done…..

Nov 03, 2016

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