Be sure to follow closely as we open up the next chapter of Paladin Shaving. Exciting things to come.

We had several customers who participated in previous releases ask if we could send them copies of the front and back photos of brushes they purchased. We didn’t want to take on additional administrative burden at the expense of brush production, so we decided to see if the photos could be automatically sent along with emailed order confirmations. Cody worked with a contract developer to add that feature. It took longer than we expected, but was finally ready (we thought) in time to incorporate in the release this past Sunday. It worked perfectly when he tested it.

Unfortunately, we received a report this evening of a customer whose order confirmation included two photos that were front views of different brushes, neither of which matched up with the serial number of the brush he had selected, the brush delivered to him today, or the photo on its accompanying owner’s card. He received the right brush, just not the correct photos with the order confirmation.

We’ll be surprised if his experience turns out to be unique, and we apologize in advance for any confusion that might result. If we can’t get this resolved with a reasonable investment of time and additional expense, we may have to go back to what we used before. However, we plan to continue posting front-side photos in our Flickr Gallery.

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