2024 El Dorado Year of the Dragon 26 mm with 2018 Oumo Knot
$ 250.00
The Dark Holler lathes have been fired up and handles burned. Join us March 24th at 4pm in the latest out of Paladin Shaving. Featuring a 360 degree engraving of a highly detailed dragon, this special edition will be a thrilling addition to your den.
We are offering The Year of the Dragon Special Edition in four materials, Jade, Lemon Drop, Antique Ivory and Lapis Lazuli.

Knot choices include our 2CLND9 Select Badger, 2018 Oumo, and B3 Synthetics.


1.) These brushes haven't been made yet. Production starts with turning handles in our shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. The handles are then delivered to Cody in Clark, CO laser-engraves, and hand-paints them. After that they go back to Fort Collins for hand-finishing, knots and order fulfillment.

2.) Given the nature of this offering, pre-orders will require a full up-front payment in full and will not be cancellable.

3.) Pre-ordered brushes will not be returnable for a refund except by reason of a defect in material or workmanship.

4.) All pre-orders submitted pursuant to this process will be subject to availability of knots and handle material. We may have to cancel and refund orders if they accumulate to exceed existing inventory or production capacity.

5.) The pre-order process, these instructions, and the pre-order form will be subject to change. So, please review this page whenever you return to it before submitting a new order.

6.) Only 2CLND9 and B3 Synthetic semi-bulb knots and 2018 Oumos are being offered for pre-ordered brushes at that this time.

7) Upon acceptance of your order and receipt of payment you should receive a confirmation from Shopify via email. If you don’t, or if any of the order details don’t conform to your expectations, let us know immediately by using the contact form linked below.