C01 C01
$ 240.00
Paladin® Barely Second™ Shaving Brushes have small – and in some cases virtually indistinguishable – imperfections. Each brush has been discounted to reflect our subjective assessment of its particular imperfection’s aesthetic significance.

After careful consideration and much discussion, we decided not to attempt verbal description or photographic representation of what accounts for any brush’s having been selected for offering as a barely second. Descriptions would be difficult, time-consuming, subjective (and, consequently, arguable). Photographs intended to clearly show imperfections would also be time-consuming and often require high-resolution images captured by use of a macro lens with exaggerated results. Our conclusion was to let customers just for themselves with the brush in hand. Upon receiving your barely-second Paladin shaving brush (and prior to use, please) carefully examine it as you would any Paladin shaving brush, and let us know if you’re not satisfied for any reason. We’ll accept prompt return of an unused brush with no fuss or hassle. "See our Warranty and Return Policies here."