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$ 200.00

The Paladin® Buckaroo™ shaving brush handle integrates the upper geometry of our Lotus™ design with stylistic elements novelly adapted from our Buck Rogers™. We created a preliminary CAD drawing for the Buckaroo in early 2019 but didn’t make a prototype of it then. Instead, we stuck to the drawing board and explored modifications that led to the Paladin Samurai™, which in turn served as antecedent to the Paladin Pirate™ last year. But we always intended to come back to the Buckaroo. That finally happened a couple of months ago, and we’re very pleased with how it turned out. Although resemblance to the Samurai is obvious, the Buckaroo is distinctive both stylistically and ergonomically.

At present, we only offer knots containing what is commonly referred to as 2-band badger hair, the characteristics of which combine resilient (springy) shafts with soft tips. High quality knots of this type are prized for their overall performance. The resilience of 2-band hair confers optimal backbone without excessive density. As a result, 2-band knots typically deliver superior lather production and flow-throughwithout sacrificing comfort in use. We offer these knots first and foremost because they are what we prefer to use ourselves. Please take care to note additional details regarding the various knots installed in listed brushes here. 

Material: Satin Turquoise (Polyester Resin)

Socket diameter: 26 mm
Handle height: 60 mm ± 1 mm
Handle diameter: 41.5 mm ± 1 mm

Knot measurementssee accompanying front-side (top) photo.