Synthetic Cleo 26 mm Vintage Port
$ 185.00

Like the Tut™, our Cleo™ handle-design was initially envisioned to be a simple derivative of the El Dorado™. In fact, we turned several prototypes of the Cleo (then designated the GJ for Grecian Jar), before setting the project aside and starting over on a clean page with a different approach that led to the Tut. Although beads (or rings) might appear to be purely decorative features that, if anything, would add challenge to creating a handle (which they do), they also serve the purpose of making it easier to connect reverse curves both aesthetically and with optimal ergonomics. It proved a challenge for us to accomplish that with the Tut and the Cleo., but we’re highly satisfied with how they both turned out. Note that the 26 mm Cleo is a bit larger than the Tut (by about 2 mm in height and 1 mm in outside diameter), so she tends to match better, at least to our eyes, with knots that prefer to be set at higher lofts. Note also that Cleopatra was actually a Macedonian Greek, which fits with the idea we started out with to design a Grecian Jar-themed handle.

Material: Vintage Port (acrylic resin)

Socket diameter: 26 mm

Handle height: 60 mm ± 1 mm

Handle diameter: 39.8 mm ± 1 mm

Knot measurements: see accompanying front-side (top) photo.