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$ 220.00

The Paladin™ Falstaff™ handle-design was very respectfully derived based on a vintage (Somerset-era) Simpson Chubby, which to our eyes is distinct from the current (somewhat chunkier) version of that deservedly iconic brush. After several rounds of iterative prototyping, we incorporated two very subtle modifications with a purpose to improve ergonomics. The fact those changes might be difficult to distinguish at a glance is exactly the result we sought. Aesthetically, the Somerset Chubby 1 that served as the Falstaff’s inspiration did not want for any improvement. Most would probably say the Falstaff is best suited for face-lathering, but it also works fine with a bowl for us.

At present, we only offer knots containing what is commonly referred to as 2-band badger hair, the characteristics of which combine resilient (springy) shafts with soft tips. High quality knots of this type are prized for their overall performance. The resilience of 2-band hair confers optimal backbone without excessive density. As a result, 2-band knots typically deliver superior lather production and flow-through without sacrificing comfort in use. We offer these knots first and foremost because they are what we prefer to use ourselves. Please take care to note additional details regarding the various knots installed in listed brushes here.

Material: Cobalt (polyester resin)
Socket diameter: 28 mm
Handle height: 49 mm ± 1 mm
Handle diameter: 42.9 mm ± 1 mm
Knot measurements: see accompanying front-side (top) photo.