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$ 120.00

The Paladin™ PK-47 handle embodies an original design, although it appreciatively reflects traditional influences. The concave section below the ring (or bead) is slightly more open than that of the Chief, and the PK-47 has just a bit more girth. We were honored by a request to make 100 PK-47s for The Shave Nook’s third anniversary (2015), limited-edition brush. It was enthusiastically received; that offering sold out in 97 seconds. This is a nicely balanced brush. At about mid-size in height, the PK-47 serves bowl and face-lathering equally well, at least in our use. 

These are the first brushes we’ve ever offered with synthetic knots. The knots were made by a producer from whom we’ve sourced badger-hair knots for over five years. Our prior experience with synthetic knots is very limited, so we aren’t in a position to offer comparisons. What we can say is that these are the first synthetic knots we’ve tried that we enjoyed using and will continue to use as a matter of choice beyond testing. We have found these knots to produce and release lather efficiently and possess very soft tips that also exhibit enjoyable presence.    

Material: Butterscotch Marble (polyester resin)

Knot: Synthetic

Socket diameter: 26 mm
Handle height: 53.25 mm ± 1 mm
Handle diameter: 37.85 mm ± 1 mm

Knot measurements: see accompanying front-side (top) photo.