Pre-order Lotus 28 mm
$ 40.00

Production starts with turning handles in our shop Stilwell, KS. The handles are then sent to Cody in Clark, CO, where he hand-finishes and engraves them. After that they’re sent back to Kansas for knots, photographs, and order fulfillment. The cycle takes a few weeks minimally. We hope to have these brushes made and ready to ship within about a month from their respective order dates, but we’re not in control everything that can bear on that happening. If we encounter any significant delay, we’ll communicate promptly with customers holding affected orders. 

Well make one brush per order and won’t offer alternate choices. Please take this into consideration when selecting a material with high variability in pattern. If you tend to be very picky about that sort of thing, we completely understand, but this pre-order process probably isn’t best suited to you.  

Pre-orders will require an advance payment of ________ that will not be refundable upon order cancellation. Also, pre-ordered brushes will be subject to return for refund by reason of a defect in material or workmanship.